About Bel Esprit

The online showroom for international designers of ethical fashion

a commitment to environmental and social justice

Bel Esprit is the virtual showroom for international designers of ethical fashion, open around the clock making designers' collections accessible to worldwide fashion industry professionals.   Bel Esprit is committed to promoting new and emerging designers and helping retailers discover new collections and established brands not shown in their regional market.   Bel Esprit provides practical assistance to designers in the business of fashion - marketing, sales, distribution - so designers can pursue their creativity while building a commercially successful business.

Bel Esprit's mission is to promote "fashion with a conscience." The showroom welcomes companies who observe ethical principles, fair trade and fair labor practices, ecological and/or fair trade materials, or support social and environmental causes through donations of profits from their businesses.   Bel Esprit members are dynamic, creative and fashion forward and seek to produce collections that contribute to a beautiful world.   The showroom participates in events promoting ethical and fair trade/non-sweatshop practices, and helps designers source suppliers of ethical and fair trade materials and labor to encourage designers to further expand this practice.

Bel Esprit also promotes charitable works through its "Fashion for a Cause" program, and the "Donate Design" program.   Bel Esprit sponsored events and trunk shows include fund-raising projects that support a local, national or global charity selected by Bel Esprit and/or event participants.

Bel Esprit is continuously evolving to meet the needs of retailers and members, updating and creating services to address the ever-changing fashion marketplace.


Bel Esprit not only supports ethical designers as creators of innovative fashion, but the showroom supports the causes and principles of all its members, and works to transform the industry as a whole.